Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Preston University Accredited Unaccredited State approved Diploma Mill

Preston University Accredited Unaccredited State approved Diploma MillIt has been years that I have graduated from Preston University. However, reading a dirty diploma mill slogan against Preston University over internet has compelled me to write few clarifications lines about my dear university.  I am a business graduate that is currently serving in a multinational company in Dubai, being a Preston alumnus I am proud of the valuable education and prodigious experiences that we had gained in our university life.
Preston University is the only state approved university which I know is accredited to have all the latest educational gears that are essential to transform any student into successful professional. The environment that we were provided for studies was exceptional and really helpful in developing curricular activities in us. The faculty at Preston University was the best expert faculty I had come to know up to date. All the Professors were experienced and expert in their respective subject with an international and global approach. We were not taught with the requirements of this country, rather we were taught on international level so that we might not have any constraints in our professional flight. I am proud to be a member of Preston University and I hope that the university would continue to serve the students of our country.